Pedro Lima
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My name is Pedro Lima and I'm a Front-End Developer and UX/UI Designer from Portugal.

At this moment I'm working as Senior UI Developer at EuroNext's' Porto Tech Hub, developing single page applications and web services focused on pioneering the evolution of financial technology as well as tutoring UX/UI for EDIT.

You can download my CV below or scroll down if you want to see my detailed profile.

Pedro Lima
What have I been up to?

For the last 10 years I've been working both on the design phase of websites as well as actually implementing the front-end functionality.

Recently my daily work consists of HTML templating, CSS/SCSS styling and doing both server-side and client-side JavaScript.


Senior UI Developer | October 2016 - Present Day

Working at Euronext's Porto Hub developing single page applications and web services focused on pioneering the evolution of financial technology.

Sonae BIT

Front-End Developer | October 2014 - September 2016

Worked as a Front-End Developer on the Sonae BIT Digital Channels Team and collaborating with several Sonae brands to build modern, fast, scalable, mobile ready websites.

Sonae SportZone

UX/UI Designer | January 2013 - September 2014

Working on the user flow and experience for the new Sport Zone e-commerce platform, responsible for the creation of all promotional material ranging from newsletters to banners, quality control and interaction design.

This is Pacifica

Web Developer | November 2010 - April 2012

Worked with HTML5, CSS3, JavaScript, Adobe AIR and Adobe Flash building rich content websites/applications that retrieve dynamic data from back-end systems and also integrating websites to fetch data using Facebook, Twitter and Flickr API's.

Flash Developer | December 2007 - October 2010

Worked mainly with Adobe Flash and Actionscript 3.0 building multimedia driven websites and applications, integrating them with back-end systems, SEO optimization and multi-language support.

My interests revolve around designing, maintaining and perfecting the user interaction side of applications and websites. I usually work with a HTML/CSS/JavaScript stack that involves common tools such as:

HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript jQuery
Sass Less Compass Bourbon
Bootstrap Foundation Skeleton Neat
Handlebars Mustache Dust VueJs
Node Bower Grunt Gulp

I also speak and write fluent English and am used to working in an Agile Scrum environment using Git to manage my work (because who doesn't, right?).

And that's it... you've made it to the end! Thanks for stopping by.